Be fiercely self-sufficient

Taking charge of our own life and everything that it revolves around brings a sense of wholeness within us. It is when you no longer need to rely on others for constant validation, you own up your well being, and you stop playing blame games. It is liberating.

As a teen I always thought that I was quite self-sufficient. But that wasn’t really the case. A lot of my life depended on constant approvals from my family, my friends, and the society. My first taste of independence came with financial independence. It gave me the freedom to make responsible decisions for myself. And from there, it just kept getting better. I started taking charge of my health, my career, my learning path. It has now come to a point where I feel quite in the zone with just myself. To a large extent I do not burden anyone with a responsibility of my health, happiness and peace. It is mine and only to own and improve.

Self sufficiency doesn't just mean financial independence, although that is a big part of it and we must constantly strive for it. It’s an emotional, physical and spiritual freedom that we attain when we realise that nobody but we alone are responsible for our lives. When we stop relying on a saviour, and stop thinking that our close ones are obligated to do things for us. It's when we stop blaming people around us for the issues that we’re dealing with.

Self-sufficiency doesn’t mean that you live a cold, distant or lonely life. We should be realistic about our expectations from others. We should be conscious of the fact that other people their own challenges in life and that if they’re investing time in us, we’re important to them. However, sucking up on someone’s energy, expecting others to go beyond their comfort zone, or constantly pointing fingers for our own failures and sadness won't get us anywhere.

In the end it’s just ourselves who can change the course of our lives. Don’t like that your physical health is going anywhere? Get up and work on it. You feel you need a purpose in life? Pursue just one thing relentlessly. Feel like your life is just a spiral of tragedies? Get focussed and choose and do what you think will make you happy. Seek help, but don’t expect someone to fix you. Have your own back, and the abundance will follow.

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