Concluded on Mother's Day - A journey

Pregnancy is indeed a miraculous process. The way it changes you biologically and psychologically over a period of just nine months is incredible. There’s something new that you discover about your body every single day. How your organs re-adjust themselves to accommodate the 500X size increase in the uterus, how your abdominal muscles just tear off to let your skin stretch, how your ligaments loosen up, your eating habits, sleeping patterns, postures, and a lot more change physiologically.

Pregnancy is a phase where you realize your lack of control on your bodily processes and it’s mechanical nature. Pregnancy is tough to deal with. It restricts things that you wouldn’t even bother to think about. Bending down, twisting in certain ways, sleeping on your tummy, and sometimes letting go of your favourite food, to name a few.

My pregnancy has been one such experience too. A mix of wonder and dread. Covid-19 was especially hard on me. It meant self-isolation, no more long walks in the parks, no visiting baby stores to get a happy high, or satiating cravings by visits to my favourite restaurants. No visit from the loved ones to meet me or be able to see the first born. It changed every bit of what a mother to-be would want to experience. To add to it there were mood swings, tiredness, sleepless nights, occasional scares. Pregnancy is especially a tender phase for a woman, and something like a pandemic just added more vulnerability to it. But optimism and gratitude kept me going, I’d simply forget all of it with the joy brought by a few kicks, and the monthly ultrasound rendezvous with the little one.

Then there were some positive things that I experienced during this phase, which I'd like to mention. I’ve never been so focused in my life as I’ve been during these months, especially towards my passion for writing. It is as if this little one has sprouted and ignited my latent desires to action on all my writing projects. Two books published, personal website up and running, writing series on spirituality, tabling my life maxims, and more. All this amidst the Covid scare, having a full time job, travelling across countries, and moving a house.

“This unique, nonpareil phase of life has given me something to remember forever - something, beyond all the physical and hormonal aspects of it. Something that I’d treasure for the rest of my life.”
"My pregnancy so far has been a journey that has made me feel vulnerable and empowered all at the same time. And it has given me something to remember forever - something beyond all the physical and hormonal aspects of it."

I’ve also been further drawn deeply towards spirituality, to a calmer sense of self, to actually seeing my maxims becoming a part of my life - something that I’d treasure for the rest of my life.

It’s given me a direction, a rising sense of prioritization, an immense sense of responsibility, and a strength to stretch my wings as far and wide as I want.

Now as I wait to welcome the little one, I thank the super consciousness for the courage during the pregnancy that opened my heart and soul amidst the chaos, and kept my baby safe in the womb.

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