Dharma Series: An Introduction

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Dharma - Defined as the eternal and inherent nature of reality and regarded in Hinduism as a cosmic law underlying right behaviour and social order. Dharma signifies discipline to reach the ultimate truth of nature, to ultimate answers to all that we seek.

My association with Hindu dharma is by birth, but my relationship with it started a few years back. We’re often going by or against the unsaid rule book. It starts with the family, the community, the society, the nation, and many other categories. I’ve mostly been a rule book follower. I’ve questioned a few rules on the way, and even rebelled them. The biggest rebellion being against the religion.

In late teens and early twenties, I was fed up of the God-men controversies and lack of knowledge. They seemed to have messed everything up. And lack of logical answers pertaining to religion added fuel to the fire. I’m from a home where scriptures are a part of life, but when a lot of my questions remained unanswered, and the so called realized beings kept getting caught in controversies, my aversion towards the religion began. I shunned everything and started calling myself an atheist. This went on for a while. 

Then one day while debating about a certain aspect of religion with a God fearing friend from a different religion, I realized how little did I really know about Hinduism. After all, if I must shun it, I should have a strong reason to do so. And so, I picked up the Bhagwat Gita. That’s where it began - my perception towards Hinduism changed significantly as I explored layers of this intricate, modern, and highly evolved dharma. I went on to explore Shaivism, Vedanta, scriptures, and am still pursuing the same.

The dharma series is my humble attempt to bring forward some of the interesting anecdotes, learnings, and interpretations that I’ve read, realized, and loved during this journey. This is intended for people with interest in pursuing religious and spiritual paths. I’d love to hear your interpretations and experiences on the the topics. In case you feel my interpretation somewhere is deviated from what you believe, please feel free to add your contributions. Thank you.

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