Never Forget 2020

The gold fish memories that we have as a society,

Might forget this pandemic, just like other warnings from the nature,

All the resolutions that we’re making trapped in our little nests today,

Might just become stale posts on our social media,

Yes, we’re scared, but has our conscious awakened,

As nature uncovers harm after harm that we’ve done to mother green...

Once this is all over, would our longing to go out, again unfurl our monstrosity?

Would we play the blame games, or commit to

heal the wounds inflicted to every creature, every element, every inch of this planet?

Would we be able to think beyond our selfish selves, and uncommercialisegd intents to really contribute to the biosphere?

Would we restore to our “abnormal” normal lives, or would we be able to flatten our ego,

And accept our mortality, our insignificance in this universe, and focus on the real “green” that matters?

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