The bursting bubble wraps

Updated: Feb 28, 2020


They sound like the bursting bubble wraps - the rain drops that pour on my umbrella.

The city has just welcomed the monsoons for the year.

The bright coloured raincoats and umbrellas have added playfulness to the concrete streets and paths here.

There is something about the rains, and they way they drench and quench the earth.

Rains are musical and enigmatic - the very sound of them hushes the hustles & bustles of daily lives into some old sort of nostalgic melodic music.

Rains are symbolic to contentment - just look at the way the concrete jungles and patches of greens in the city seem to quieten after the rains, as if they were quenched of all the thirst.

Rains feel spiritual, as if it’s an opportunity from the universe to wash away all our pains, fears, and inhibitions - cleansing us just like how tears cleanse us inside out, and take the load off the chest.

This new city has brought a lot of good things to me, and these splendid monsoons top the list.

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