The Evening Canvas

The sky is painted in the hue of columbines, cold steel and the gingery colours. Just another sunset. The terrace is spacious and the view of the lake makes it her favourite spot in the home. Her thoughts are as still as the water in the lake. She is feeling her finger nails with her thumb. The nail paint is chipped.

They need to be painted again. Probably in some bright colour, she thinks. Her sight goes back to the lake. The thoughts start seeping in.

“You look into the soul of the person through their eyes”… she doesn’t believe it. Had eyes been the window to every soul, how naked would everyone’s true selves be. How simplified would have life been then. You look into someone’s eyes and just know what they want, how they feel, why they said things they were saying. But truth is something we all know.  We are humans. We can’t have such simple life that we speak what we feel. The wiring system in the grey matter has been tangled so messily that it’s impractical to be honest. Yes, it is almost impossible to be simple. The more we strive for a simplified life, the more threatening you become to the society. It is brutal and it is rude. How can you speak your mind? How can you just blurt out your thoughts without being calculative?

These thoughts make her smile. Had we been able to just speak our minds without being isolated as threats, how beautiful could things around be! Or would they be?

Its pitch dark now and the dog is barking aloud in the neighbourhood. Probably his owner is back. The kids are cycling down the road and she looks back at her fingernails again. They need to be painted. Off she goes.

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