The hashtag protests

We have have an opinion, we spot all flaws,

We have social media, that sharpens our claws,

We jump all the time from cause to cause

and master the art of connecting unnecessary dots between unrelated laws,

Without a pause, posting out thoughts, only for an applause,

We condemn, we protest,

We support, we detest

We strongly feel, for whatever is in trend,

And next day we move on, to the new thing that’s penned(err... I mean typed),

We think we’re smart, and entitled to free speech,

We abuse this right, and love to screech,

Do we educate ourselves enough? No

Do we have short lived memories? Yes

We don’t need a deep dive, a few forwards set us on right paths,

We march blindly, while the masters do the math,

We are the puppets, but we don’t realize the game,

They feed on our freedom of speech and our dire need for one-second fame.

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

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