Women & Self-doubt

It was Monday morning at work, and my phone buzzed yet again. But this time, it wasn’t a meme about Monday morning blues. Instead, an email from a life coach which read - Are you good enough?

I paused... Good enough? Huh! Let me think about it.

I stared at the screen and thought - now, Mr. Life coach, you too shouldn’t have asked me that, you could've framed it better. Because you see, I’m a woman and I've been in that race to constantly prove my capabilities to the world  to everyone on almost a daily basis, until one day, when I put my foot down.

We've got each others' back

If you’re a lady you’d know how this question becomes your constant companion. It follows you everywhere. You are under surveillance for what you wear, what you eat, how you talk, how much you drink, how you conduct yourself at work, at home, at parties, in boardrooms. Everywhere.

And then there's indirect nudging about it -

Isn’t this a very masculine sport?

Aren’t you a bit too opinionated for a lady?

Do you really wanna work night shifts?

Don’t you wear way too much makeup?

Why don't you get married at the right age?

Why don’t you want to have babies at the right time?

Did you really ask for equal wages?

Did you just not let him mansplain you?

Dear Mr. Life coach, you hit the right nerve. Excellent research!

But let me tell you, I am good enough. May be not for the world but for myself and the people who truly love me. I am good enough, and I am not aiming perfection. I am good enough to not seek constant validation and approval from the society. I am good enough because I’ve realised that

I am don't feel down as I’ve been taught, I am up here, as I have learnt my worth.

So thank you. I do not want to calibrate myself with your dose of how precious I am,

because I am busy celebrating who I am.

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